Levi's Tetragrammaton Pentacle Pendant


The Tetragrammaton pentacle, or Levi's Pentacle” was designed by the great magician Eliphas Levi (Feb 8, 1810 - May 31, 1875). Levi viewed this symbol as a representation of the microcosm, or human being. Many consider it to be the most powerful pentacle ever created. The word "tetragrammaton" means "a word having four letters" and refers to the Hebrew name of God: YHWH.

Below is some of the traditional symbology of the pentacle: 
  • EARTH: (lower left hand corner) symbolizes physical strength and endurance 
  • FIRE: (lower right hand corner) symbolizes valiance and fearlessness 
  • WATER: (upper right hand corner) symbolizes clairvoyance and the feelings 
  • AIR: (upper left hand corner) symbolizes creativity and intelligence 
  • SPIRIT: (uppermost point) symbolizes Omnipotent Divinity 
  • The circle around the Pentacle contains and protects. 

100% fine pewter - lead and nickel free.

Width = 1" 
Height = 1 3/8”

Black satin cord included!

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